Jun 20, 2013

Tour Stop! Review: Fall For Me by K.A. Last

“Angels aren’t supposed to fall in love, especially with each other. But for the record, you were worth it.”

Grace Tate is a Protection Angel and Vampire Hunter, and she has always followed the rules. But some rules are made to be broken…

Until now the fight against evil has been simple, and falling in love was never part of the plan. So what happens when it’s beyond Grace’s control, and when she least expects it she falls for the wrong person?

All hell breaks loose, that’s what.

At Hopetown Valley High, not everything is as it seems, and the one person Grace thought was her enemy becomes her most important ally.

Blood will be shed, lives will be lost and friendships will be tested. It all comes down to one decision, and when Grace tries to save all those dear to her, she realises not everyone can be—or wants to be—saved.

Angels and vampires? When I found out about this interesting combination, I really couldn't resist.

I was struck by the unique and completely underdone dynamic in this novel. Usually we've got the vulnerable girl needing to be rescued by the strong, supernatural guy. Grace is anything but a damsel in distress, and while I felt that her connection with Josh was sudden and overwhelming (something that is overdone), I still think she kicks some major butt. She doesn't need to be saved and she's not afraid to do what's in her heart.

I loved Grace's relationship with her twin brother, Archer. His snark and ego only made him more lovable in my eyes, and I really enjoyed the connection, secrets, and legacies they shared. It's strange but unique, and their family's story really needs its own novel.

Seth is, by far, my favorite. He's the bad boy with the dark, mysterious personality, so it's no wonder. The love triangle between Seth, Josh, and Grace is pretty tug-of-war, but I'm leaning toward Seth, if I have to choose a side.

The characters in this story stand out with their own personalities. They each have a face and a voice, but there was something about them that lacked that "umph." I was wrapped up in the story, but I didn't feel a strong connection with them. Their emotions and point-of-views sometimes felt pretty out-of-nowhere, kind like the attraction between Grace and Josh. There were times that they just didn't feel genuine.

I liked the writing style and the dual point-of-view, but the story did feel to progress slowly. When jumping from one character's view to another, the story would step back a few paces and go through a scene we just experienced again from the other side of the spectrum. It felt like the whole "one-step forward-two-steps-back" kind of thing. However, K.A. Last has a definite talent for storytelling and description. The fight scenes were awesome and I could always envision what was happening as if I were watching a movie instead of reading a book.

The combo of vampires and angels, the storyline, and the complexity of the relationships between the characters will have me recommending this novel. While I did feel a few negatives, the positives far outweigh anything critical I could have to say. I look forward to reading the prequel, Sacrifice, and the sequel, Fight for Me soon!

K. A. Last was born in Subiaco, Western Australia, and moved to Sydney with her parents and older brother when she was eight. Artistic and creative by nature, she studied Graphic Design and graduated with an Advanced Diploma. After marrying her high school sweetheart, she concentrated on her career before settling into family life. Blessed with a vivid imagination, she began writing to let off creative steam, and fell in love with it. She now resides in a peaceful leafy suburb north of Sydney with her husband, their two children and a rabbit named Twitch.

Happy Reading Everyone :)

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  1. Great review, Keely! I love how original this sounds, and always love when there are great family/brother-sister dynamics in a book. Plus I think I'd really like Archer and his snarky personality! :)


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