Jan 30, 2014

Netflix for Books?

Okay. I'm a firm believer in real books. The ones you can touch, smell, and put on a physical shelf. But I also live in a place where the nearest bookstore is about, oh, an hour away, so e-books are pretty much necessary unless I use my free shipping via Amazon. 

I know. I'm not being a very good bibliophile, but I just want to read! And as a new mom, I simply don't have the time (or the gas money) to trek it to the bookstore all the time - then I have to hope they are carrying what I'm looking for. Besides, what does it matter in what format we read so much as that we do read. Right?

So, as a result, I'm probably a little too excited about this app by the name of Oyster. Who has Netflix? Oyster is supposedly like the Netflix for books. What a concept. Pay a monthly fee and get access to hundreds of thousands of books. Read unlimited. Two words that fit wonderfully together.

I really want to support local bookstores, but in my neck of the woods (literally - the woods), there simply aren't any. So, I'm not going to feel guilty. Not really. I'm just going to enjoy reading in whatever form I can get. 

But before I get off point, click here to check out Oyster. They have some fabulous titles, and I love the idea of being able to read a book before I buy it in hardcover. (I guess I can't feel too guilty - if I really love a book, I have this obsessive need to display it like the work of art that it is on my bookshelf.) 

Check it out! Enjoy!



  1. Oh I hadn't heard of this til now! I would love to use this service - when they include kindles! You are right, it's sometimes hard to support the book stores and the libraries for me have wait lists (for ebooks which makes no sense to me) and sometimes I just want to read the book right now. :)

    1. Waiting lists for ebooks? Yeah, that's weird. I hope they expand it to other devices soon! Kind of a bummer that it's only available to Apple.

  2. I also love "real" books but it's so convenient to have a book to read within seconds and without having to get out of your PJ's. The app sounds awesome as long as it has a large selection to choose from. Thanks for sharing.

    Peace & Love
    Crystal @ YA Society

    1. I've browsed the library, and it's pretty awesome :).

  3. This is new to me! Netflix for books - brilliant! Will definitely check it out. :) I love 'real' books as well. But when I travel, I can't bring them all. So, I fell inlove with Kindle haha. I'll check out Oyster for sure!


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