Mar 16, 2014

Bookish Rants

I love Victoria Scott. I've followed her since before Dante Walker came stomping gloriously into my life with The Collector. She's got this great personality, and I always find myself interested in what she has to share with her readers.

I was surprised when I heard that she was coming out with a brand new novel - not related to Dante in any way. When did she have the time? Even with that question in the back of my mind, I was stoked. The cover rocks and the synopsis sounded like something I needed to get my hands on - especially if it was written by an author I already loved.

You know when something becomes really popular and in high demand, then all of a sudden the person who created that something tries to capitalize on its fame? I'm about halfway through Fire & Flood, and that's all I can really feel about it.

Granted, I haven't finished Fire & Flood yet, and there are some interesting twists... but it all feels very juvenile, rushed, and incomplete.

Why, oh, why? How could this happen? I feel like I've been duped. There's no groundwork, no real research, no depth. It feels like Scott just whipped this one out for the sake of having another "completed" novel to sell to the masses.

Not. Cool.


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