Feb 28, 2012

Starting Over

So you know that feeling when everything you've worked on for a whole entire year gets wiped out? No? Well I do.... My previous blog, realmsofanopenmind.com, shut down.. I guess I shouldn't feel like something's missing because, really, it's my fault.. I couldn't bring myself to pay the fee of renewing my hosting lease when there are awesome and most importantly, free, ways to blog! I mean, money is tight, we all know that, so I had to make a tough decision, and this is the one I made... I'll try to update my reviews and all that because, thank goodness, I saved them all..

I'm going to view this as an opportunity to start fresh not as starting from the bottom again.. :)

Meanwhile, I'll be working on long overdue reviews for Victims by Jonathan Kellerman and City of Bones by Cassandra Clare...

In addition, I'm beginning a new endeavor that involves my long lost passion for art ~ maybe not completely lost, but dormant nonetheless ~ so I'm a busy gal... Sucks to have a day job!

Happy Reading Everyone :)

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