Mar 28, 2013

Guest Post

Beneath Erynn's petite build, curly red hair, and startling blue eyes, lies a deeply hidden secret.If the truth about her were revealed, her life would be in danger. Her dream to be a fighter pilot would tailspin,crash, and burst into flames.

Jaer's wise brown eyes reflect his smoldering strength. An enigma, charismatic and moody, he is a physically powerful warrior who defends his world. A warrior afraid to love because of mistakes in his past.

When the presence of a marauding alien society is discovered on their planets, a struggle of life and death begins. Both Erynn and Jaer's worlds face annihilation.

A mysterious force plunges Erynn into Jaer's cold, dangerous, and beautiful world with its magical essence and living consciousness. Both the alien enemy and this strange inexplicable power purse Erynn.

Newly commissioned Interceptor fighter pilot, Erynn Yager, knows sacrifice. Her battle against a brutal alien enemy intent on destroying her two worlds set her on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, all while struggling to gain control of her secret abilities. With the alien threat crushed, Erynn believes the worst is behind her. She settles in to experience first love and a changed life on a hidden military base deep inside a glacier covered mountain on Arranon.

Her peaceful existence can’t last. 

Dhoran, the evil sovereign of Arranon’s underworld has risen from the dead to possess an unwilling human. Dhoran’s powers grow while he plots a war that may plunge Arranon onto a path of destruction neither realm will survive. Arranon is pulled into chaos as violence spreads across the planet.

Drawn first in visions, Erynn enters a diverse world beneath Arranon’s surface, a realm teeming with danger, mystery, and beauty. The battle thrusts her into an uncharted kingdom, intensifying her connection to the heart and soul of the living Arranon.

Today, I'd like to welcome R E Sheahan, author of Storm of Arranon and Fire and Ice, and Jaer, our hero, to the blog. Jaer sounds pretty determined, probably verging on stubborn, and from what I can tell he's courageous and has a big heart he'd like nothing more than to keep hidden. Sounds like someone you'd like to get to know? I thought so...

Meet Jaer, everyone:

Hello. My name is Jaer.

Just Jaer.

I live according to the ancient ways and am one of the few on Arranon that speak the early language of our forefathers. I am above average in height with a body conditioned by years of hard physical training. My hair is dark, almost black, worn long, and clasped at the back of my neck in the time-honored manner. I wear the traditional uniform of the Anbas Warriors—a thick black tunic, heavy quilted pants, and tall boots.

Yes, I tend to stand out in a crowd.

I prefer Arranon’s cold, unforgiving environment to the warm, temperate climate of Korin. I am at home in snowy mountain forests with the wild and dangerous animals that inhabit those deep woods.

I will admit I was reluctant to leave my home world of Arranon on a mission to Korin. But I was hopeful that our time in the city with all those people would be short.

We had a clear objective—to establish an alliance with Korin’s military, and to build up defenses against an imminent alien invasion of our two worlds.

Well, there was one additional purpose—to ensure the protection and destiny of a girl. A child born with remarkable abilities.

I chuckle as I remember my first encounter with this girl. Erynn Yager was young yes, but not a child. And she was already an accomplished Interceptor fighter pilot. I stood behind her, my two companions and new allies beside me. In the dim glow of the bar’s low lights, the mirror over the polished counter reflected the striking features of a young woman. Fiery red curls cascaded over her shoulders and down her back, framing her face and accentuating her fair complexion. But it was her ice blue eyes that pierced my soul as she stared back at us.

This was going to get complicated.

I had vowed never to get . . . involved, or to fall in love. There is, or was a good reason for my decision at the time I made this oath. Instead, I focused my life on being an Anbas Warrior. So much so, I became the youngest Fayn, [leader], of the Anbas in recorded history. My resolve to stay distant and detached slipped a bit at Erynn’s first touch. It was . . . electrifying.

For a while, there was little time to think about my unfamiliar and growing passion toward Erynn. We were on the run from an alien enemy intent on taking Erynn away from me—from us—leaving my main concern her safety. I took my duty regarding Erynn’s protection personally. She, in turn, made this task . . . difficult, the definition of difficult here being an understatement. I resisted my reckless emotions, sure that Erynn could never love someone like me, nor should she. Poor judgments from my past have left me less than untainted.

But one night something happened. The barriers Erynn and I had built between us crumbled. My heart took control, leading my actions. Our souls met, our lips touched, and I knew my life would never be the same.

Now we only had to survive a war against a technically advanced alien enemy with unlimited resources and absolutely no principles.

Hmmm. Sounds like a fair fight.

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