Sep 23, 2012

Favorite Paranormal Characters??

So many to choose from... you know that moment when you're standing in line at the ice cream shop and fifty different flavors smack you right in the taste buds, and while it's a beautiful moment, you're left with that angsty, unsatisfied feeling, because you know no matter which one you choose, you're always gunna wish you got the mint chocolate chip... or dutch chocolate... OOH or chocolate chip cookie dough... decisions, decisions..

Now that I've got you thoroughly confused as to what the hell I'm talking about ;)... I was just thinking about all the paranormal creatures I've come across since starting this blog.. There's aliens (currently reading about the smexy Daemon Black), werewolves, vampires, trylle, gods, demons, fallen angels, faeries, zombies, witches, ghosts, reapers.. heck there are even mermaids... (sorry, but I can't take that one seriously, and I take my paranormal creatures very seriously)... It's like a smorgasbord of weirdness, and it is beautiful...

So, the question I'm trying to get at not so successfully is:

How do you pick a favorite? Which is it?

I know, I know.. you can probably, in this world full of choices, have more than one favorite... But what if you could only pick one? 

Inevitably, I'm going to be forced to answer that question myself somewhere in this post, but for the time being, I wanted to ask you...

What's your favorite paranormal creature??
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If there's any I forgot to mention, please don't seek vengeance.. My sometimes inadequate mind can't possibly remember everything tinged with "otherness"... So just leave a comment below :)..

So which would I choose.. hmm? ... I think I'll go with... drumroll, please....


It may seem typical and maybe even a bit cliche, but I think werewolves are the cat's meow.. umm.. or whatever... Vampires can be kinda snooty in their immortality and the knowledge and experience that comes along with it... witches can be pretty vengeful and abusive with their power.. zombies are, well, lifeless... fallen angels are filled with turmoil (which is attractive in it's own right, but it can get kinda redundant)... and the rest, well, they're just not as exciting as a seemingly normal person totally beasting out in the light of the full moon.. 

Werewolves (at least the one's I'm thinking of ~ no Silver Bullet action going on here ~ more along the lines of Alcide Herveaux... yumtastic) are confidant, rugged, and, for the most part, down to earth... They can get a little crazy, raging even, but that's a forgivable quality that kinda adds to the appeal.. 

Yup, after careful consideration, I'm going to officially dub my favorite paranormal creature: the werewolf... :)

Happy Reading Everyone :)

~ Keely ~


  1. Werewolves. There's just something about the pack dynamics that I love, plus the first book that got me into the whole paranormal craze was Stolen by Kelley Armstrong.

  2. the fey are cool ~ but I agree @Adina ~ Werewolves have a complex dynamic that's hard to beat :)

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