Feb 18, 2013

Blog Kickoff: My World of Writing

So this is an exciting and compassionate concept. Jen @ My World of Writing is new to the book blogosphere and is kicking off her blog in a big way.

She's diving right into a fantastic giveaway that includes:

  • A signed copy of Lullaby by Amanda Hocking
  • A Two Chapter Critique
  • 2 E-Book Surprises
  • A Copy of The Archived by Victoria Schwab
  • A Signed Copy of the First Five Chapters of Jen's Book

Pretty sweet deal, right? But there's more, and it includes a whole lot of heart... See, for every 1,000 entries, Jen has offered to donate $100 to people in need of food, clean water, and healthcare. Isn't that amazingly generous? 

So get clickin' guys and help Jen start off her blog with a bang :)

Visit Jen @ My World of Writing

Happy Reading Everyone :)

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