Feb 15, 2013

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ACTIVITY: Write a letter to your favorite character. Rant, rave or gush…just pretend like they are real and you just want to let them know a “few things”. – Activity courtesy of author, Kelly Walker

Dear Cas Lowood,

Still slaying ghosts around the world? I wouldn't be surprised if you weren't, after what happened with Anna, but you know, it wouldn't hurt my feelings if you went back to your old ways. Anna changed a lot of everything for you, didn't she Cas? She got under your skin, into your heart and after that, you could never really look at ghosts, or girls, the same again. What was it that drew you to her, even before you laid eyes on her? Was it fate or destiny or the "forces that be" that kept Anna's story gnawing on the back of your mind, or were you just uber curious? 

I dunno dude. I love Anna and all. She's kick ass and powerful and she's not afraid to make a sacrifice, but the reality is... She's dead. That kinda puts a damper on the possibilities... But I guess you knew that too, even in all your determination to get her back, you knew she deserved to be happy after a few lifetimes of misery and guilt. I bet letting her go was one of the more difficult things you've had to do to send a ghost on their way. You've got some surprising strength, because with all the gloomy, moody, and depressed states you were in in your second book, I thought you'd never let go of the idea of Anna. 

Okay, maybe I'm being a little insensitive, but I really missed the old Cas ~ the Cas with a smart mouth and a quick wit and a decent size ego ~ in the second book, and I want him back. Your story ended way too quickly for me, Cas, and I don't want to remember you as being broken-hearted. I want to see you pick yourself up and deal with the cards life has handed you. I want to see what your life is like after Anna, what you'll do with everything that's happened. I know a series has the potential to drag itself through more books than it needs, but I think two cut yours short. Come back to us Cas.


Happy Reading Everyone :)


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  2. OMG! What a great letter. I hope Cas read it x) He deserves better
    I know it's suppossed to be a serious letter but I find it very funny :)
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  3. Great letter! I haven't read the series yet and really need to. Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. ♥♥♥

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  4. Great letter, just the words he needs to hear I'm sure!

  5. Great Letter! It was such a chalange to make up something in so little time!

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  6. @Gabby M. OMG totally nerve wracking!

  7. Anonymous2/15/2013

    Great letter! Thank you for stopping by my blog. New follower. Have a good weekend.

  8. I love Cas <333!!! He's awesome. And I kind of missed him, too, in the second book. The old Cas who had a big mouth but wasn't annoying. I wish there would be a third book :c.
    And I like your letter. Beautifully written!

  9. I haven't read this series, it's way to scary for me, but now that I've read your letter, it seems a bit sad.

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  10. Hi! New follower here! Is this from Anna Dressed in Blood? I haven't read it so I'm guessing. You really have a lot to say to this Cas character! I'm very curious now ;)

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  11. I have no idea who Cas is, but the words Anna and ghost trigger something. I'm guessing it's Anna Dressed in Blood, but I'm not sure. :P Great letter! :)

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  12. Amazing letter and because of that I must read Anna Dressed in Blood soon! Thanks for stopping by. I followed you back via GFC. :)

  13. @Crystal Licata It is from Anna Dressed in Blood ~ trust me, I could go on and on to Cas.. He's one of my favorites :) Thanks for stoppin' by!

  14. I have never heard of this book, but nice letter! :D

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  15. im never read this book because im not really one for paranormal books but your letter is intresting

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