Feb 12, 2013

Tuesday Prelude

Tuesday Prelude is a weekly post inspired by Should Be Reading's Teaser Tuesday. Since I could never stick to just a couple of lines, I amped up my posts, digging a little deeper into the introduction of my current reads.

This week:

Paper Valentine by Brenna Yovanoff is turning out to be pretty macabre with anorexic ghosts, dead crows, and murderers who leave tokens of love. But I would expect nothing less of  the dark writing style of Yovanoff, an author whose books take up distinct and unique space on my shelves.

Among everything, one of the most interesting elements in this story is the ghost of Hannah's friend, Lillian.
Ghosts are the kind of things you go your whole life with people telling you they aren't real. I believe in them anyway because the world is full of things that no one really understands.
Hannah misses her friend even as Lillian's presence constantly remains. Hannah's angry and hurt by the circumstances of Lillian's death, but there's also a part of her that's also grateful to be able to hold on to a piece of her.
I hate that she says choice like it wasn't one. Like it was something that just happened, some natural phenomenon or twist of fate, instead of something she actually did.
Sometimes, Lillian tries to explain herself, but Hannah can't understand how anything could be so hard that you'd need to escape to the extreme that Lillian did.
I'm breathing and my heart is beating and as much as it hurts - as much searing, monumental pain as it causes me - I have to exist.
Their friendship is lasting and hilarious at times, but it's also sad and lacking that element people need to move forward and grow. At this point, I'm wondering what's keeping Lillian stagnant and what it will take for Hannah to be able to move on.

Happy Reading Everyone :)


  1. Anonymous2/12/2013

    I love your teasers! I've seen this book before but I've never read it, reading your teaser makes me want to read the rest. Thanks for sharing

  2. Anonymous2/12/2013

    I have this book! Yet I haven't read it ... Looks like that's about to change! Great pick!

    -New Follower! (:
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  3. Love these teasers! I really liked Yovanoff's The Replacement, and I've been itching to get my hands on this book. Thanks for sharing! Here's my teaser! Happy Tuesday! :D

  4. I love the teaser!!!
    Thanks for visiting :)

  5. Anonymous2/12/2013

    Very Nice teaser I may have to check this one out.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

    Ambrosia @ Fire& Ice

  6. I have a similar attitude toward ghosts, though not the friendship. :)

    Great teaser.

  7. Gorgeous teasers! I've been wanting to start this one, but those teasers really make me want to move this book to the front of the line! Thanks so much for sharing and for stopping by my Teaser.
    Happy Reading :D

  8. Interesting teasers.


  9. Great teasers! I have to admit the cover really grabbed my attention first - love the author's voice from the little bits I read. Adding this one to my reading list.

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  10. Very intresting... Just as conflicted as the whole book seems to be. I hope you enjoy it immensly! Thanks a lot for sharing this teaser! My TT

  11. Great teasers, this book is on my never-ending tbr list. These teasers make me want to read the book even more. I'm crazy for mysteries.
    Thanks for stopping by on my blog.

    -Nazish @ Nazish Reads

  12. Paper Valentine looks so good!thanks for stopping by our blog!

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  13. Sounds like a great read, thanks for sharing! Book Savvy Babe


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