Apr 30, 2013

Tuesday Prelude

Tuesday Prelude is a meme inspired by Should Be Reading's Teaser Tuesday. Since I always had a problem sticking to just two lines, I decided to amp up the post a bit to give you more than just a teaser.

This week's Prelude is inspired by:

Anna James never planned on dying at age nineteen or ending up somewhere other than heaven. Five years later, her heart is still on Earth with her soulmate Grey, while the rest of her struggles to survive in Beyond. Not quite heaven and a lot like hell, Beyond is a proving ground where only the strongest souls are allowed to move on. With no way out, Anna keeps her head down and plays by the rules... Until she learns Grey is about to die.

Grey Wilson would give anything to go back and stop the accident that ripped Anna from his arms. But when Anna appears on Earth again, he quickly realizes things can never be as they were. Death and Beyond have changed her; brought out the dark side and dimmed her inner light. Before they can even revel in this semblance of a miracle, Grey and Anna find themselves in the middle of an angelic civil war where sabotage and danger lurk around every corner.

Anna's dark side is exactly what Azrael - the leader of the Angels of Punishment - craves. When Azrael lays out his demands, Anna will have to make the biggest decision of her life.

 Not all angels wear halos. Most have chips on their shoulders the size of Alaska. Some wear spikes and carry very large weapons. Those are the ones to avoid at all costs.

Except when the cost is way too high.
Anna James has got some guts. She breaks the most important rule, and would do it all over again, despite the agonizing punishment that's in store for her.
Fear had nothing on resentment, and Anna had that particularly jaded emotion in spades.
And even when she thinks the pain is over and she's paid for her "misbehavior," she's cast out, flightless and confused. If the pain of having her body torn to pieces wasn't enough, what exactly is she going to be facing?
"Your punishment is not over. Far from it. You'll have to earn your wings back, Dark One. And if you do...I'll be waiting."

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Happy Reading Everyone :)


  1. I love the description of the other angels. They sound like they shouldn't be messed with! Thanks for stopping by my teaser.

  2. Oh heck, you've totally got me. Angels of Punishment says it all, actually. Gonna stalk this, and hopefully going to read it soon. Thanks for sharing the teasers! My TT

  3. Oh I was taken with the cover right away. :) Thank you for the teasers. :)

    I too have a teaser up this week, if you'd like to stop. :)


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