Apr 26, 2012

Booking Through Thursday

Yes! I love Thursdays! Another day closer to the three 'R's' :: Rest, Reading, and Relaxation.. I definitely live for the weekends...

This week's question asks:

Has a book ever inspired you to change anything in your life, fiction and not-fiction alike?

Whether they are fiction or non-fiction, books are the ultimate learning tool. I read mostly fiction, and although the stories may not be based on actual events, the core of these books are basic human elements we experience everyday. Love, pain, friendship, betrayal... I could go on and on and on... I couldn't choose one book in particular, but books as a whole allow me to see myself more clearly in regards to the way I react and what I think while I'm reading. I believe I'm a better person because of books; even if I haven't experienced a situation myself, I've read about someone who has, and each time I read, I gain knowledge about life.

Every book changes my life.

Happy Reading Everyone :)

~ Keely ~


  1. Really great answer. In a way I completely see your point and I like it. Here's my btt

  2. Very good answer. That's mostly the case for me too, but I did manage to find one book that started something.

  3. Definitely! The most amazing thing about changes brought about through reading is that they are subtle. A slight shift in perspective that leads to attitudinal changes.


  4. Anonymous4/26/2012

    I can recall times in my life where I've been going through a situation and a book can help me with that--by realizing that others are going through it, even if they're just fictional characters.

    1. I haven't really found the one book either.



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