Jun 9, 2012

Sunday Soul Baring

So, it's been a few weeks since I've done one of these, and I think it's way overdue. Sunday Soul Baring is a tradition in the making for me, a meme if you want to call it that, where I put it *all out there* sharing an excerpt of what I'm working on in the sidelines. { That means if you are also an aspiring writer, please, go ahead and share if you're up to it. :) }

"She took the deepest of breaths and braced herself. Steeled her mind as she struggled to let go. She could do this. She could join the humanity she once knew so well.

A group of three stood along the edge of where the trees grew thick. She heard their voices, but through the pounding of blood in her ears, she couldn't make out their words.

She mustn't lose herself in this. Even now as she determinedly placed one foot in front of the other, she tried to ignore her screaming mind telling her to turn back as her broken heart urged her limbs forward. How she craved the soft sound of their voices only a few yards away. Human touch. She wasn't so lost in her grief and anger that she had forgotten those things.

Sometimes, hidden in the deep remnants of her shattered being, she remembered what it felt like to be human with such clarity that after the moment passed, all she felt was a deep void in the place where her heart had once thrived."

So there it is, folks. I really, really, really hope it makes you want to read the rest :).

Happy Reading (and Writing) Everyone :)

~ Keely ~


  1. Keely ~ It is amazing!! It does make me really, really, really want to read the rest!

  2. @Ali Thank you!!! Such a relief to hear that :)


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