Jun 24, 2012

Sunday Soul Baring

Been a really busy weekend.. Had friends and family over, so, of course, all things reading and writing have been put on hold in lieu of life. :) ... It is nice to sit down in front of my computer with Trapt blaring through my speakers for a little visit to my blog and my novel... I'm a little stuck on it ~ not sure where to go with it next ~ having too many moments of self doubt... I guess it's what they call writer's block. :)

Anyway, here's something I scrounged up from the deep recesses of thoughts plucked from my journal.

“There you go, hon. You probably should have stitches, but I don’t think looking pretty is a priority these days.” I heard him scoff as he shook his head. She handed him two aspirin.

“Now take these, grab a towel, and go clean up. You need a bath.” With that, Gwen abruptly got up and moved on to her next patient.

“Would you like some water for those?” I asked, encouraging him to turn around. When his eyes met mine, I froze.

Seeing him.. again.. was like breathing fresh air through stale lungs. How was he here? It was like my vault of old memories had opened and released its contents into this new world. I couldn’t speak past the lump in my throat and the adrenaline that was surging through my veins.

I finally blinked through my shock to see that he was just as surprised as I was. His mouth hung partially opened, and he was sitting at an awkward angle, as if he’d forgotten he was turning around to respond to my question. He cleared his throat.

“Sure, Rowan. I’d love some water.”

Join in if you'd like :)

Happy Reading and Writing Everyone :)

~ Keely ~

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