Jul 4, 2012

Christian Grey, anyone?

Ahh, the delectable Christian Grey... How can you resist?? Too bad he isn't real, BUT we may be able to put a beautiful face to the name that gets us swooning..

Of course they are going to make Fifty Shades of Grey into a movie... Why wouldn't they get in on that? Every other book is being put up on the big screen, and this rather sizzling story would be no exception...

So who will be cast as the notorious Christian Grey? All I can say is I hope it's not Ryan Gosling, who is apparently in the lead for the role.. Sorry girls, but I'd be highly disappointed.. Who would I pick? I think it's between these delicious fellows...
Matt Bomer

Henry Cavill

Vote for your favorite :)

Who would you like to see as Christian Grey?

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Ian Somerhaulder
Colin Egglesfield

Now that leaves us with the question, "Who would be Ana?"... Well I've got a few picked out for that role as well... If only my opinion counted for something :)

Cast your vote :)

Who would you like to see as Ana Steele?

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Amanda Seyfried

Alexis Bledel

Emmy Rossum

Ellen Page

Laters, baby... :)

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  1. Okay, I love Ian for the role of Christian, but what about Chris Hemsworth? Can you put up a pic of him. Ooooh, la-la


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