Jul 25, 2012

The Taker: Immortal vs. Mortal ~ Which would you choose?

So, no, I'm not finished with this book yet ~ my reading speed is slightly disabled lately ~ but it has certainly taken me all over the place. I'm in love, appalled, sympathetic, joyous and hurt as I travel through the pages with Lanore.

The biggest question that's come to mind while reading is the torn feelings about immortality. Is it a gift or a curse? 

On one hand, immortality ~ at least based on the point of view in The Taker ~ allows you to have no regrets being that you'll outlive any remorse you carry. Days are unlimited and there are no consequences for experiencing everything the world has to offer ~ even if certain situations are ones you would never have allowed yourself to be in otherwise. (Basically, 'what's the point of having morals if we'll never have to face Judgement Day?)

On the other hand, immortality also disintegrates a person's identity. We identify ourselves based on our beliefs and, most importantly, our family and those we love. Maybe belief would remain intact, but it would become such a changing thing over centuries of experience, that I think it would cease to matter or even exist anymore. Family, well, you'd outlive them all and they might take notice that you never age, limiting the time you have with them even more than if you were mortal.

Immortal or not immortal? That is the question I'm asking myself while reading this book. I'm gunna go with not immortal.. In this case, every moment is precious and every day is a gift.

What would you say??

Would you accept the "gift" of immortality, or choose to remain mortal?
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Happy Reading Everyone :)

~ Keely ~

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