Jul 22, 2012

Sunday Soul Baring

So, this little semi-annual meme is something I concocted out of the need want desire to share (or at least vent about) what I'm working on with other aspiring writers, and hopefully get insight and/or see what others are working on.

This week I've done a tremendous amount of thinking about my characters and the depth at which I'd like them to be. In order to write realistic characters real people I realized I need to know them inside and out first. Their habits, beliefs, flaws, tendencies... everything.. before I can truly integrate them and make them an essential element to my story.

It's not easy putting yourself into someone else's shoes, especially someone with a personality that might differ from your own. Authors wear soooo many hats, I'm beginning to realize, and they have to have such an open mind to be able to see dozens of different points of view in regards to a single situation. It's a talent that I'm working on acquiring, and although it's not easy, it's definitely eye-opening and an invaluable learning tool.

Where is all this babbling leading to? I was trying to think of how my characters would relate to one another, how they would ultimately feel not only about other characters but about themselves in relation to others. As a result, I have a little thought bubble from one of my main characters ~ something that, in a way, kind of sums up this person's insecurities and inner-battles. Here*goes:

"I'd like to think I would have found a way to this person on my own. To the one that cuts through all the bull-shit to see what really matters. Someone I would have never recognized before to be my true self. 'Truth is, I don't think I would have even survived beyond minutes without having known him."

Ahhh, the sweet feeling of having your thoughts put into coherent sentences... Thanks for listening :)

Happy Reading Everyone :)

~ Keely `


  1. Ahh if I saw this on the back of a book I'd definitely be interested!! :)

    What's Hot?

  2. Okay really I am going to beat you woman. Ok not really I love You :)
    OMG I want more. Like what Laura said I would definitely read this if I saw it on the back of a book especially with a awesome cover. That is awesome and I hope you will post more. I want to know more of the hero and why he made the heroine feel that way. You have a beautiful writing voice. Have a great week sweetie.

  3. LOL thanks! It's so nice to hear that!!

    Have a fabulous week!


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