Oct 10, 2012

Review: Ephemeral by Addison Moore

The last thing Laken Stewart remembers is the oncoming car, then bursting through the windshield. 

Two months dissolve without her knowledge and she finds herself in unfamiliar surroundings with strangers who not only profess to know her but insist she’s someone else entirely. 

Laken discovers her long dead boyfriend, Wesley, has been thrown into this alternate world as well. He is quick to inform her she suffered a horrible fall and that her memory hasn’t fully returned. According to Wesley the other life she had—her name, her family, they were simply a side effect of her brain trauma. 

In her quest for answers she meets Cooper Flanders, the son of her psychiatrist who readily believes every word she says. 

Laken Stewart knows she died on that hot July afternoon, but now she’s alive—or is she?

Ephemeral is one enormous, complex twist. Laken finds herself in a world where the impossible is real and the truth is hidden. Those she thought were dead are in the flesh and people she doesn't recognize are wreaking havoc on her sanity. What is real? Who should she believe?

I liked Laken ~ she's determined and courageous. The girl's got some raging hormones, though, and it's no wonder. What would you do if the guy you've loved all your life ~ who you thought was six feet under ~ happened to turn up in this alternate universe you've woken up in? I'm not sure I'd be able to reign myself in either. But Wes seems to be more of a distraction than anything ~ something to keep an eye on Laken. He diverts her attention, and instead of asking the most important questions ~ like why am I here? ~ Laken stays pretty occupied in her awe of his magical reappearance.

I'm totally team Coop ~ all the way. The guy is just amazing. C'mon Laken, what are you thinking? Wes is your long dead love reincarnated and all that, but he's definitely not the same guy, and you know this! Laken finds herself torn between her heart and her memory, and it's excruciating...

Love triangles aside, the storyline is pretty imaginative, to say the least. There's a whole new level of zombie and angel ~ an odd combo that, surprisingly, works... Although, I do wish there was a little more history on the whole Nephilim thing .. It's there, but I just felt it deserved a little more focus.. But overall, the twisted combination of conspiracy tied in with angel blood and zombies (or in this case, Spectators) ~ enticing ;)

Addison Moore's writing style is incredible. This writer has a vocabulary that had me using my kindle dictionary constantly. It's poetic ~ the descriptions are beautiful, haunting, and completely unique. Laken's voice is smart and hilarious at times, her sarcasm and blunt manner completely grasping.

Overall, great read! I really enjoyed Laken's introduction to this crazy world where the truth is beyond anything she could ever have imagined. Can't wait to see how the story continues!

Four out of five stars from this reader :)

::author bio::

Addison Moore is the author of young adult fiction and romance. She has worked as therapist on a locked psychiatric unit for almost a decade. She is the mother of four wonderful children. She resides on the West Coast with her family and two dogs where she eats too much chocolate and stays up way too late. When she's not writing, she's reading.

Happy Reading Everyone :)

~ Keely ~


  1. It sounds good :) !! Zombie and angels ? It sounds like a very unique mix !! I look forward to read this one. Thanks for the fabulous review Keely ;)

  2. I love its cover! Roses are so enticing.


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