Oct 29, 2012

Sandy is Outside My Door

According to The Weather Channel, Sandy is currently a CAT 1 hurricane, causing floods and thousands of power outages. I'm looking out my window now as the pine trees towering over my little cape house sway from side to side, creaking and moaning under the force of the wind. A little freaky, considering I've been in the epicenter of an earthquake and am now experiencing a hurricane ~ all in the same month. It almost feels as if the power of the Mayan calendar is upon my little corner of the world...

LOL, doubtful but it is kind of ironic... 

Anyway, if my power goes out ~ for how long, I don't know... I live in the sticks ~ I promise I'll announce the winners of the Anna giveaway as soon as I'm able.

Upside ~ perfect reading weather. Here's to hopin' the lights stay on!! 

Stay safe everyone :)

Happy Reading Everyone :)

~ Keely ~


  1. Oh My!!! I hope you're Okay. I live just outside of Melb. Australia and we only get the occasional earth quake. Can't imagine being in a Hurricane. Stay safe!!


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