Jan 4, 2013

Feature and Follow Friday

What New Years blogging or writing resolution have you placed on yourself?

I have quite a few. I want to increase the quality of my posts, get more involved with other bloggers, review and promote more books, and set aside two days a week to working on my novel. I'd love to write every day, but between life and everything else, that is all I would be doing ~ which doesn't sound so bad when I put it that way, but I have a lot of goals this year, so I have to manage my time in order to fit everything in!

Happy Reading Everyone :)

~ Keely ~


  1. Good luck on your goals! I hope you can get your novel completed. Here is my FF. Old Follower :D

    Jaclyn @ JC's Book Haven

  2. Anonymous1/04/2013

    Goodluck with ur resolutions!!

    New GFC follower :)
    Follow me back below

    "BookShelves Of Dreams"

  3. Great answer! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Following.

  4. Good luck with your resolutions! One of mine is interacting with other bloggers more, too! After all, that's the main reason I wanted to start blogging in the first place :)


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