Jan 9, 2013

Thanks guys :)

You know, I hate to be pessimistic and as hard as I try to look on the bright side of things... Some days (and people you come into contact with throughout those days) can just be plain, ole nasty crap. Today was one of those days for me...

Not that great (to understate it), even though I always try to remind myself that it could always be worse, as annoying as that optimism can be sometimes...

The point I'm getting at is that even though my daytimes are not always where I'd like them to be, I always know that I get to come home, read, blog, write, hop and just immerse myself in this world we book bloggers have created. It's wonderful, breathtaking, and probably the funnest "thing" I have ever had the pleasure of participating in.

So I just kinda wanted to say thanks guys... Because without other bookish people, the book blogging world would completely suck... and days like this would suck even more...

I'm so happy there are others out there as obsessed with everything revolving around the written word as I am...

I friggin' love you guys :)

Happy Reading Everyone :)

~ Keely ~


  1. I know the feeling when things just don't go the way you'd want. I think that's why I read so much, you get to forget about the real world for a little while.

    Rivie @ Bookshelf

  2. Sorry you had a bad day. I wish I lived by you so I could kidnapp you and make your day all better.

    Girly I friggen Love you!

  3. @rivie bleu Definitely helps ~ it's like an escape, a vacation, from the real world :)


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