May 19, 2012

Kreativ Blogger Award :)

Thank you to The Fiction Diaries for presenting me with the Kreativ Blogger Award!

Rules: Answer 10 questions and leave a list of 10 random facts I'm sure you all are dying to know ;)

1. What is your favorite song? Yeah, that's like asking what my favorite book is... I guess I'll go with So Cold by Breaking Benjamin... I could listen to it over and over and over and over....

2. What is your favorite desert? Chocolate chip cookies right from the oven...

3. What ticks you off? Most of the time, it's the ignorance of people...

4. When you're upset, what do you do? I tend to get really quiet and go looking for solitude.. If I can't find a place to be by myself, I lash out...

5. What is your favorite pet? I have two dogs who should more aptly be called my children. My Pomeranian, Dakota, is my side kick/snuggle buddy and my Siberian Husky, Anouk, is my running partner/cuddlebug.

6. Which do you prefer, black or white? Black, although I will take shades of grey :)

7. What is your biggest fear? Losing the people I love and failing...

8. What is your attitude? I'd say I'm a little moody but very happy :) If that makes sense...

9.  What is perfection? There's no such thing.. we all have a little good and bad in us... accepting that, I think, gets you as close to perfection as anyone can get..

10. What is your guilty pleasure? Hmmm... I don't know if I could feel guilty about something that brings me pleasure, but I'd say either Disney movies or singing in the shower... there's something about the echo in a bathroom that just makes your voice sound so much better than it really is...

10 Random Facts
1. My favorite color is dark purple
2. I love horror flicks
3. I hate sleeping in
4. Winter is my favorite season
5. I have a degree in Art History that I'll probably never use
6. I live in the woods ~  the level of creepiness at night would do Stephen King proud
7. Two hour bubble baths help me unwind
8. I make mean chicken enchiladas
9. I'm an unorganized neat freak
10. I like bold red wine and dark beer

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Happy Reading Everyone :)

Thanks again to The Fiction Diaries!!!

~ Keely ~


  1. I have a black lab named Dakota:)
    I was reading this and I was like omg we could be soul mates.
    Then: "Winter is my favorite season"...we're so not friends anymore.. haha :P I hate being cold its the worst!
    Says the girl planning to move to New York after college..

    Congrats again! You deserved it:)


    The Fiction Diaries

  2. LOL I grew up in South Texas where it's triple digits more often than not.. that's prolly why I enjoy the cold weather so much :) New York winters aren't too too cold, I hear :)


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