May 12, 2012

**The Writer in You** Blog Hop

I'm a reader, and as you can often find me with my nose in a book, there's no way I could ever deny it. However, I'm also a writer at heart. I'm a lover of words and, although I'm not a published writer (yet), I feel something stir within me every time I sit down at my computer or with my journal, a blank page in front of me just waiting to be filled. So how excited was I when I came across The Fiction Diaries blog hop for aspiring writers?  It's fabulous!! Most book bloggers I've come across are not only book addicts but hopeful writers, and I think this is a great way for those who love to write to connect and learn from one another.

The Writer in You Blog Hop!
Each week there will be a question relevant to all things *writing*.

Q. Which author has been your greatest inspiration??

Holy moly, that's a tough one. I'm going to go with the first thought that popped into my head, because that's usually the correct answer. Alice Hoffman is an absolute favorite of mine. My shelves overflow with many of her books, and nearly every time I've picked one up, it's been read in one sitting. Her writing style is so unique and the way she weaves her story together with a hint of magic mixed in with the humanity takes my breath away every time. It's her words and her stories that first inspired me to write, and writing has become a loving staple in my life ever since.

How about y'all?

Happy Reading (and Writing) Everyone :)

~ Keely ~


  1. Thank you for joining!
    I've never read anything by her, but it is awesome that you enjoy her work so much. It sounds like me and Sherrilyn Kenyon - I always have at least 2 books of hers on my shelf that I haven't even had time to read yet but I just had to buy haha.

    The Fiction Diaries

    P.S. I love the Picasso quote! I have a poster of it hanging on my wall:)

  2. I've never read anything by Sherrilyn, but I'm always interested in new (to me) authors!

    Picasso ~ creative genuis :)

    Thanks for visiting!

  3. Great answer Keely!

    Since it's now Sunday, I'm just gonna start next week hopefully. But it's funny because I actually answered this question (basically) last week for the Follow Me Friday Blog Hop.
    I absolutely ADORE David Klass' voice, and it's definitely inspired mine! :D

    1. I'll have to check him out! Thanks for stopping by :)


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