Aug 10, 2012

Feature and Follow Friday

Feature & Follow Friday is a weekly meme hosted by Parajunkee and Alison Can Read. Each week they feature a fellow book blogger and ask a question so we can all get to know each other a little better and build a solid network of bookish friends :).

Q. What would you do over if you were to start your blog again from scratch?

Hmmm.. Well I would never start again from scratch, I can tell you that much, but I'm finding my blog is never finished or just the way I want it, so I don't need to start all over. I'll just work with what I got. I'm totally rockin' the For Dummies books, learning xhtml, css, and web design right now, but I'm in the very beginning stages. As I progress, I make changes, getting ever closer to how I want my blog to look.

As for the blogging itself... I don't know as I would do anything different. My blog is one of my favorite places to visit (besides the inner pages of a good book, of course), and I don't think there's anything I would change. Maybe I would try to stay on top of bookish news such as new releases, cover reveals, and book trailers. I'm still a day or two late stumbling upon those, but I do try with what limited time I have. 

Wow, I'll spare you any further reading and allow my rambling to cease. Have a great weekend everyone!

Happy Reading Everyone :)

~ Keely ~ 


  1. I agree with you that a blog is actually never finished. Thanks for stopping by. I'm now following back :)

    Helene @ Helene's World of Books

  2. Hi! Thanks for stopping by the blog and following! I really appreciate it.

    Yep, I agree with you there. I'm also horrible at staying updated, lol.

    ~Followed back! :D

    Tiffany@Read, Breathe, Read

  3. Great answer :) I've always been in to web design and all that good stuff and when I started my blog, it wasn't that hard for me to know what I want. I could picture it in my minds eye. But, I totally hear you on being a day or two behind on those cover reveals and what not.. sometimes I think these bloggers have "book esp" or something.. cause laaawd knows I'm stumped when I see that practically every blog I follow has the cover release for a book I've been TRYING to keep track of *sigh* we win some, we lose some..

    New Follower via GFC

    My FF

    Ana♥ Beach Bum Reads

  4. I'm over a year into my blog and it never stops changing! Those subtle "tweaks" that no one ever really notices. ;)

    As for book news and things of that sort: My advice is stalk Amazon, Goodreads, Twitter, Facebook, publisher websites/blogs, etc. Anywhere there are books! :) Sign up for every mailing list you can find.

  5. Old followere here, just wishing you a very great/awsome weekend. :)

  6. agree 100%

    Old follower-
    My FF

  7. Great answer. That is something I totally need to do is stay up on bookish news. lol. New GFC and Linky Follower. =] Thanks for sharing and visiting My FF
    Michael @ The Bookshelf Review

  8. Hi! Your answer was great!(: I'm a new blogger! Mind checking out my blog?(: And maybe possibly follow?(x

    New follower!

  9. Awesome answer, Keely! <3 Haha, it makes me smile that you posted the for dummies book - everyone around me loved that book! Maybe I should pick the book too, and together we can become HTML whiz hehe! x)

    Have a wonderful weekend, Keely! <3

  10. @Hilda K ~ I'm learning sooo much from it! It speaks English to me, so I can actually understand what the heck I am learning!

  11. Design seems to be most peoples thing. I'm a new follower.


  12. I’m glad I dropped by from Feature & Follow. I am your newest follower.
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