Aug 27, 2012

Monday Montage

Monday Montage is a weekly meme I began in order to create a redeeming quality for the dreaded... DUN DUN DUN (creepy sound you hear when something.. creepy.. happens)...

... Monday...

It's cool, don't fret.. because, hopefully, this post will lift your spirits and get you giggling, smiling, thinking about or looking forward to a wonderful, fabulous, take-you-to-another-world book.

My Monday Montage is going to consist of elements from the book I just finished ~ Something Strange and Deadly by Susan Dennard. I'll be honest ~ my review wasn't exactly glowing, but this is a fun, enjoyable, fast-paced read (review posted here) :).

::book cover::

::because you know I can't have a post without a book trailer::

::totally fun::
just click the image ~ you'll know what I mean
::parasol, anyone?::



::haha again::

::eleanor's overall opinion of corsets::


Hope that shakes your Monday Blues or at least made you chuckle :P
p.s. none of the images are mine, in case you were wondering :)

Happy Reading Everyone :)

~ Keely ~


  1. OMG! What a fun post! XD Thank you for making me laugh! Something Strange and Deadly sounds really really good. I'm going to read your review right now. >_<

  2. @Giada M. :-D Glad you liked it! Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. Well that was really pleasant.
    I wish I had one of those parasols,although it would be useless in a zombie apocalypse

  4. Oh my, that book trailer just convinced me to read it.. I wasn't going to.. But I am now!

    ~Ariella @ A Sprinkle of Books

  5. @The Librarian ahh, but you could "upgrade" it.. you know, like Jessamine's razor-edged parasol from Clockwork Prince ;)

  6. @Ariella Blake @ A Sprinkle of Books OOo Glad you're going to read it! My only beef really was that I'm a zombie freak, and there wasn't a whole lotta zombie action.. wouldn't stop many others from absolutely adoring this book..


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