Aug 7, 2012

Pledged Tour: Character Interview ~ Meet Jared!

I've already introduced you to the characters of Gwynneth White's Pledged, but I'm quite positive you're thirsting for more. You don't have to deny it. I don't blame you ;).

That being said, I'm excited to say that this blog has come across the lucky opportunity of having Jared stop by for a quick visit. He's a busy guy, what with being Warlord of Shenaya, fighting curses, and winning the hearts of stubborn women, so I'm surprised his aides even built up the audacity to ask him to do this favor for me.

And speak of the devil...

*Jared gives mock salute* “Keely, I have been informed by my aides that you wish to interview me. I suppose I should be flattered. But let me begin by asking you a question. You could have picked either of my cousins or my best friend Seth, why me?”

Keely: It’s no surprise. I’ve already posted on my blog and on Twitter that I love you,” *quickly adds* “in a ‘he’s my favourite character’ sort of way.

Jared: *gives Keely a sardonic smile* “Sorry to disappoint you, but I’m spoken for. And I mate for life.” *pauses* “Correction. Eternity.”

Keely: But Jared, you are under the curse. You've pledged.

Jared: “What’s that’s got to do with anything? I might have made Reuel some promises, but that doesn’t mean he owns me. No one owns me. Except maybe Sophia – and that’s because I choose it to be that way.”

Keely: This is my main question . . . how do you get to do what you want when the curse is supposed to change you? Do you fight the curse, or is there just something within you that is stronger than the promise you made to Reuel?

Jared: “My lady, the Guardians – those are angels, by the way – will try and tell you it’s because I have a valiant spirit. Whatever that’s supposed to mean. I just think it’s because I take exception to people telling me what to do. I was born to lead, not to follow. *laughs depreciatingly* Okay, Keely, if you promise not to tell anyone, I’ll admit that I do fight it. All the time. I don’t always succeed, but, hell, I try. I guess I didn’t really understand what I was doing when I pledged. I’m a bit wiser now. And a lot more pissed off too, if you’ll excuse the expletive.”

Keely: When you first met Sophia, you revealed nothing of your eventual feelings for her. There must have been an attraction when you first saw her. Did you feel something like, say, spiritual recognition, when you first met her?

Jared: “Have you seen her? Obviously not, or you wouldn’t be asking such an asinine question. Of course I felt something! What man wouldn’t - given that she’s the most beautiful girl on the planet? Next question.”

Keely: Sorry, Jared, I know you like controlling conversations, but you still haven’t really give me my answer.

Jared: *grins* “I do like it when women hold their ground. Where I come from girls are seen as little more than chattel. It was one of the things that first struck me about Sophia. She just couldn’t grasp the concept that girls are supposed to be demure - keep your head down, say nothing, make babies. I loved that she challenged that in everyone. She still does. Even after all this time.”

Keely: “And that connection I asked about? Please just answer that question? After all you are supposed to be soul mates!”

Jared: *laughs playfully* “Anything to please and delight you, my lady. After all, I would hate you say that Jared, Warlord of Shenaya, was afraid to answer a few impertinent questions. Now what did you call it? A spiritual recognition? No. I had no flash of lightening telling me she was my soul mate when I first saw her.”

Keely: So you admit you were a bit dense?

Jared: *narrows eyes* ”No, just focused on getting what I want.”

Keely: That brings me to my next question. You carry a tremendous amount of responsibility leading Shenaya's army. Not that you can't handle it, but how does it feel to be warlord at such a young age?

Jared: *incredulous* “Young age? I’m eighteen! That’s pretty average for Warlords where I come from.” *gives Keelly a quizzical look* “Not in your time, apparently. Okay, maybe some explanation is required. I started my military training at Pledging Camp when I was six. And I have a natural affinity for strategy. Thanks to that I’d run rings around all the other Pledged and the Defenders when we practiced war games.” *grins* “And I’m also painfully modest. It’s a real failing.”

Keely: Yea, right! Full of yourself, if you ask me. And no, don’t answer that. I’m leading this interview. Now tell me, you pledged, but your friends ~ brothers, really ~ Caleb and Daniel did not. How do you think things might have been different had you not fallen under the curse?

Jared: *caught in a rare moment of introspection* “I often wonder about that. How different life would have been. I guess Caleb and I still would have fought, because that was our way. Fight and make up. It’s what made our friendship special. The trouble was, after I pledged we never got to the make-up part. I see now that our war made it easier for Reuel to manipulate us both.” *shakes head* I hate that it made us weak. We probably could have taken him and his demons on in battle – and won, if I hadn’t pledged.” *pauses* “Not that I’m saying it’s my fault. Caleb is such a moron, if hadn’t done what he did to Phineas none of this would have happened.”

Keely: Thanks for a straight and honest answer, Jared. Now maybe you can clear up a confusion I have. Most of the people around you seem to be distrustful of the Guardians even though they are supposed to be the 'good guys.' How do you feel about them?

Jared: *laughs* “Most of the people? Or do you just mean Seth and Caleb? I don’t expect you to answer that. *looks over shoulder* “I’m what’s called a ‘covert’ supporter of Gideon and the Guardians. I hate that I’m pledged and that, like it or not, it gives Reuel power to control me. I really look forward to the day Gideon’s Prophecy is fulfilled and Reuel is destroyed. But I guess I’m beginning to sound like Sophia – indiscrete – and in Shenaya, where I come from, people have been fed to the vultures for less serious admissions. So . . . let’s talk about the weather.”

Keely: Jared, thanks for coming onto my blog today. I really enjoyed talking with you…..

Jared: “Pleasure, My lady. Now with that out the way, we really must discuss this modern technology of yours . . . Twitter? Isn’t that something girls do on the morning of the Emblem Picking when they’re trying to intimidate all the boys?”

Keely: *shakes her head, biting her tongue* Jared, I think that's a long conversation for another time...

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Happy Reading Everyone :)

~ Keely ~

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